City Stars General Trading

a leading supplier of high-quality truck spare parts.

In Every Part, Confidence Moves Forward.

Our consistent commitment to Quality, cutting-edge Technology, and exceptional Service defines our excellence in the world of truck spare parts.


Our Services

CSGT offers a comprehensive range of truck spare parts, covering various makes and models. The product range includes:

Engine Components

Suspension and Steering Parts

Brake System Parts

Electrical Components

About us

City Stars General Trading L.L.C (CSGT) is a leading supplier of high-quality truck spare parts, specializing in catering to the needs of truck owners and fleet operators. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, CSGT provides reliable and durable spare parts that meet the demanding requirements of the trucking industry. The company aims to minimize downtime by offering a broad range of spare parts, including engine components, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, electrical systems, and more.

Experience and facilities

At CITY STARS, with a year of experience in the UAE truck spare parts market, we’ve gained deep insights into the unique needs and challenges faced by truck owners and fleet operators. Our expert team stays abreast of industry trends and possesses extensive knowledge of truck components. Leveraging this expertise, we meticulously source and supply parts that adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance. Operating from a modern facility, our spacious and well-organized warehouse houses a vast inventory of spare parts. We employ advanced inventory management systems for accurate tracking and timely delivery. Additionally, our secure packaging methods safeguard part integrity during transit.

In Every Part, Confidence Moves Forward.